Thursday, September 30, 2010

Me. The Single MILF. Hello.

My first post on my first blog. Whoa.

Not defining this blog, yet. Not sure what I'll be posting about, yet. Being Single MILF, yes. Funny? Maybe. Defeated? Maybe. Crabby? Maybe. Joyous? Maybe. We'll see.

Single MILFness is new to me. My daughter is about to turn two. Until this point, the bags under my eyes pushed my appearance into the "cougar" range, so I didn't bother trying to date. I'm happy to now call me a MILF - the kid sleeps a touch better than she did as a newborn and my bags are receding. Starting to think maybe I'll step out of my spitup clothes and back into push up bras and see what dating as a MILF might be like.

About me: In my earlyish 30's, never been married, never been close. Work full time. Feel like I've never felt before entering the dating world. Maybe it's being a mom, maybe it's my 30's... but I feel content, complete, happy... I feel like a flucking catch. We'll see if the world agrees!

When it's not 30 minutes past my bedtime, I'll update you on my first foray into dating - get you up to speed. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this soul crushing post I found mere minutes ago... it touches every horrid insecurity I have about striking out into the dating world with a two year old in tow. Enjoy!