Tuesday, December 7, 2010

okokok... Some Random Posts

So, I miss this blog.  And, I feel the need to hear my readers on some things, like:

Josh is more romanticky than me.  Do I fake it?  Like set a reminder in my work calendar to send him a random text that says "X.  That is all."?  I feel like I should reciprocate his random texts despite being a crazy busy, single mom, employed as a manager and trying to succeed woman?  Wait, I'm going to go the route of "no faking orgasms, it only really hurts me" rule.  Right?  No faking my dating style?

On weeks that Josh has his kids we go a little over a week without seeing each other.  How many nights should we be talking on the phone?  'Cuz, I HAAAAATE phone calls.  I have no home phone or personal cell (work BB only).  It's rude to text or email only, right?  Even I'm a little embarrassed to ask.

Ah.  That feels better.  Welcome to the neurosis that is S(mitten)MILF.  I will be sometimes posting some crazy - better out than in, right?


  1. Be honest from the start :) It works wayyyyy better than treading lightly!

  2. Just be yourself SMILF! Enjoy the random texts, but if that's not your thing then don't force yourself to reciprocate in that particular way.

    Find out what IS your thing and reciprocate in YOUR own way.

    Josh will appreciate that the same way you appreciate the random texts from him.

    Yayayay for random crazy posts rather than no posts!

  3. I say come clean about the phone bit soon-ish so that he doesn't wonder why you are constantly trying to hang up in the middle of a conversation and just enjoy the rest!

  4. Firstly, so happy to see a new post!
    Secondly, be yourself, I am telling you, the busier you are, the more smitten he will be. And it's not a 'fake' busy, it's a 'genuine' busy!

    so good girl! As for phone, I hate the phone too, a quick chat when HE calls you is fine, but don't feel guilty about not calling him...or not spending 2 hours on the phone with him!

  5. Oh my heck not fake a cutesy text! Because once you get more comfortable in your 'relationship skin' and stop sending them, he will think things are know?

    And the phone? I've never wasted ANY time letting EVERYone know that I hate the phone. Turns out, most people could save yourself a lot of wasted phone jabbering if you just tell him right away! On your long weeks, I'd make an effort at a short chat maybe a couple times? And I do mean short. Sexting is way more fun than phone sex. Who *does* that anymore?

    YAY for blogging. See, we knew you'd have stuff for us. We just knew it. Heart!